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Top quality with heritage water tanks

Using a water tank can conserve water and save you money. Because we supply only the best materials, we choose Heritage Water Tanks.
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What is Heritage Water Tanks?

As an Australian owned and operated company, Heritage Water Tanks was founded by two boys in the countryside who had a vision for better water tanks. By thickening the walls, adding a unique channelling system and properly lining the tanks, the company revolutionised how Australia stores water.
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Exclusive features

Today, Heritage Water Tanks are up to 20% thicker and more durable than most steel tanks. The business’ products also use exclusive gutter technology to channel and store every ounce of rainwater that hits it. In addition, each unit is reinforced with the company’s ARMA liner, a chemical and BPA-free solution to punctures and water loss.

Whether you’re using the tank for rural or industrial use, our suppliers have a variety of sizes, capacities and colours for you.

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Inclusive benefits

Australia is known for its dry climate. With longer periods of drought, many landlords are looking to water tanks as a way to conserve water. You can save hundreds of dollars by conserving rainwater for your own domestic or commercial use.

The company’s products benefit the community as well. Because of the high quality of material and design, their tanks are used to store water for firefighting. Specialised liners also make the storage units popular to contain waste water away from the public.

Learn more about how we’ve teamed up with Heritage Water Tanks to save you water and money.
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